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    One day excursion- available all year.

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    From Kotor- Montenegro

    to Cetinje – Montenegro

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On this tour you can see almost all of Montenegro in one day. Montenegro, known as an area of high mountains crisscrossed by canyons – wonderful manuscripts of nature. You will be pleased by magnificence that takes breath away. The Canyons of Montenegro tour gives possibility to see and take photos of Moraca and Tara rivers and it’s canyons. We will show you probably the best viewpoints of Montenegro, enjoying the long lasting experience of our beautiful country.

Cetinje Old Royal Capital

Cetinje is a city and Old Royal Capital of Montenegro. It is also a historical and the secondary capital of Montenegro , with the official residence of the President of Montenegro.

It is the centre of Cetinje Municipality (population 16,757 in 2011). The city nestles on a small karst plain surrounded by limestone mountains, including Mt. Lovćen, the Black Mountain from which Montenegro gets its name.

Original history of Montenegro

Cetinje is a town of immense historical heritage, founded in the 15th century. It became the center of Montenegrin life and a religious center. It is because of its heritage as a long-term Montenegrin capital that it is today the honorary capital of Montenegro.

Cetinje, located at the foot of Lovcen mountain, far enough and hidden from enemy sight, yet close enough and open for all friendly hands is the city museum, old capital of Montenegro for centuries, and origin point of Montenegrin spirituality and statehood. Patina of past ages on faces of buildings contains messages form past times since its first days up to forming modern European capital.

Museums in Cetinje include:

  • Museum of the Cetinje Monastery
  • State Museum
  • “Petar Petrovic Njegoš” Museum
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Electric Industry Museum
  • Art Museum
  • History Museum

National Park Lovcen

Mount Lovćen rises from the borders of the Adriatic basin closing the long ang twisting bays of Boka Kotorska and making the hinterland to the coastal town of Kotor. The mountain has two imposing peaks,Štirovnik (1,749 m) and Jezerski vrh (1,657 m).

Petar Petrović Njegoš’s Mausoleum

The biggest and most important monument of Lovćen national park is Petar Petrović Njegoš’s Mausoleum. The location for his burial place and the mausoleum at the summit of Jezerski vrh was chosen by Njegoš himself as his last wish.

Njegusi- small village

Njeguši is a village in the Cetinje Municipality of southern Montenegro, located on the slopes of Mount Lovćen, within the Lovćen national park. The village is best known as the birthplace of the Petrović dynasty, which ruled Montenegro from 1696 to 1918, as well as the Montenegrin office of the ”serdar” and ”guvernadur”, held by the Radonjić family. The village is also significant for its well-preserved traditional folk architecture. Njeguški cheese and Njeguški ham (local forms of cheese and prosciutto respectively), made solely in area around Njeguši, are genuine contributions to Montenegrin cuisine.

Old town Kotor

Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro. It is located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor. The city has a population of 13,510 and is the administrative center of Kotor Municipality.

The old Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period. It is located on the Bay of Kotor(Boka Kotorska), one of the most indented parts of the Adriatic Sea. Some have called the southern-most fjord in Europe, but it is aria, a submerged river canyon. Together with the nearly overhanging limestone cliffs of Orjen and Lovcen, Kotor and its surrounding area form an impressive and picturesque Mediterranean landscape.

Price per person for groups of 4 or more: € 35
Groups of less than 4 must either join an existing tour (if available) or pay the price for 4px.                              

Includes the English speaking tour guide.

The entrance fees are not included in the price (2-5 Euros).

Food and drinks are not included in the price.